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Anyone Flown The A330-200

Tue Feb 22, 2000 1:59 pm

Has anyone flown the A330-200 long-range version? In particular, the 330 from Premiair Airlines(Scandinavia)? I'm curious about the underfloor toilets. Is it convenient or a nuisance?

RE: Anyone Flown The A330-200

Tue Feb 22, 2000 6:52 pm

I have flown Emirates' A330 to Manchester many times, and to be honest, the interior is not much different to that of an A310/300. It's a relatively quiet plane, but the comfort depends upon the individual airline.

Sorry, haven't flown Premiair, but I think Airtours have the same toilet fittings on their A330. They must be rather larger...

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RE: Anyone Flown The A330-200

Tue Feb 22, 2000 7:32 pm

I once flew on an A330 of Korean Air Lines. I thought that it was really quiet. I especially liked the seat layout, only 2 to a window, because I usually only travel with my mom and I don't like to disturb other people to get up for something. Unfortunately, I don't recall going to the bathroom, for it was a very short flight from Singapore Changi airport to Seoul Kimpo. I thought the separate cupholders were a nice touch.
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RE: Anyone Flown The A330-200

Tue Feb 22, 2000 11:30 pm

I have flown the Swissair A-330-200 several times. I like the a/c. Its quiet and the seating is only 2-4-2 in economy with PTV's. Swissair has normal toilets, perhaps a little bigger than in other A/C, but no underfloor toilets.
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RE: Anyone Flown The A330-200

Wed Feb 23, 2000 3:39 am

Flew it on the soon to end BSL-EWR flight.
Great flight but no inderfloor toilets. Why would airlines have underfloor toilets ? What airlines have them. The toilets on the Swissair 332 were lovely, spacious, bright and clean. Well in C class anyway.
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