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Who Is Air One?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 2:12 pm

I now am a glad lufthansa Miles and More member and I can fly with many airlines that are code sharing with Lufthansa. I fould an airline called Air One. I have seen them around in the past but I do not know much about them. I know that they opperate many older Boeing 737's and some are planes that were opperated by Lufthansa. I would like to know what country they are from, and some routes that they fly.Also, what is the bird that they have on their tail?? Thank you for any information.

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RE: Who Is Air One?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:05 pm

AirOne is an Italian airline, based chiefly at FCO(though they have operating bases at LIN and TRN). Their network is all domestic (plus they codeshare with LH and Aegean Airlines on some routes to Germany and Greece respectively).

The bird on their tail is a heron, and guess what it is called in Italian - "airone"  Big grin


p.s. you might like to read this: - bit of history from their site  Smile

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RE: Who Is Air One?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 4:50 pm

AirONE has also set up a secondary base in GOA, my city. From GOA Air One flies tree dayly fligth to FCO, one to Catania and one to Olbia new route to Bari is under study.

The situation of its fleet is a bit complicated: 737 400 and 300 has beeen the back bone of the fleet with also some older 737 200 (one of them was usually operated from GOA). now the most of these aircraft has been returned to the lessor but there has been some problems with the delivery of the new 737 ng. So now You can fligt from genoa on Pegasus 737 or Icelandair 757, or AIR luxor 320: unusual aircraft and airlines in Genoa.
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RE: Who Is Air One?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 4:52 pm

I can be positive that Air One operate to Palma, as i saw one of their aircraft there a couple of weeks back.

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RE: Who Is Air One?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 4:54 pm

Just to point out that despite the livery, the FF program's and the code sharing agreement, there wasn't any shareholder connection between AP and LH.

As said before AirOne is a domestic Italian carrier with a 27 B737/200-300-400 fleet (plus for this summer 2 A320 from Air Luxor).
They had also a large charter network.