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ALPA's Memorial Fund For Emery 17

Wed Feb 23, 2000 5:37 am

While searching for information on the "subculture" of pilots for an english project, I stumbed upon this:

The Air Line Pilots Association sends its deepest sympathies and condolences to the families, friends, co-workers, and other loved-ones of the DC-8 crew of Emery Flight 17. The pilots of Flight 17 were Captain Kevin Stables, First Officer George Land, and Second Officer Russell Hicks.

Memorial Information

We will update this section as information is provided.

The memorial service for George Land will be held on Wednesday February 23rd, 11:00 AM at the Placerville Shakespeare Club, 2940 Bedford Ct, Placerville, CA 95667. If you are arriving in Placerville on Eastbound I-50, Bedford Ct is the 3rd light. Turn left on Bedford and bear right when the road splits.

There is a memorial fund established for George Land's children (ages 4 and 1). Please send your contributions to:

George Land Memorial Fund for Courtney and Sydney
C/O U.S. Bank
3075 Sacramento St
Placerville, CA 95667

Accident Investigation

The Air Line Pilots Association is a party to the investigation of an Emery Worldwide DC-8 which crashed after taking off from Mather Air Field near Sacramento, California. ALPA has dispatched trained accident investigators from six different ALPA airlines, as well as staff from its Accident Investigation Department. As a party to the investigation, which is controlled by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, ALPA is precluded from publicly speculating about, commenting on, or otherwise scrutinizing details of the ongoing federal investigation. The NTSB will release all factual information about the accident. Other parties to the investigation may include Emery Worldwide, Boeing, the Federal Aviation Administration.

ALPA's accident investigation team includes trained line pilot safety representatives and professional staff engineers from the Accident Investigation Section of ALPA's Engineering and Air Safety Department.

ALPA accident investigators work with the NTSB and other interested parties as part of various investigative groups. At this time, these include the ATC, Structures, Power Plants, operations, systems, and Aircraft Performance CVR, FDR which are now working in the fact-gathering phase of the investigation. Additional working groups will become active as the investigation continues.

Due to the ongoing investigation by the NTSB and in order to not compromise our role in this process, the amount of information that we are able to release at this time is limited. However, as information becomes available we will provide links to information located outside of this site that may provide answers to your many questions.

I just wanted to pass this along as perhaps some of you would like to contribute?

- Neil Harrison