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Airport Rankings?

Wed Feb 23, 2000 6:36 am

does anyone know a website that shows like the top 20 or 30 buisiest airports in the U.S. or the world?
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RE: Airport Rankings?

Wed Feb 23, 2000 9:38 am

Conde Nast recently published a list of the world's top airports as ranked by frequent business travelers. I dont know if this list is available through their web site but its worth a look. As I recall their top three were:

1. Changi - Singapore
2. Shiphol - Amsterdam
3. Pittsburgh International - USA

Im sorry but I got so excited about being number three that I forgot the rest of the list.
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RE: Airport Rankings?

Wed Feb 23, 2000 11:17 am

try for the US. regional and major airlines
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Wed Feb 23, 2000 3:31 pm

Try this address:
which will take you to the latest data. The figures for 1999 will be launced mid March according to themselves.