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Pilots! :

Wed Feb 23, 2000 11:02 pm

I have a question(of course...) My friend just got back from Italy on a Lufthansa flight going Iah-Fra-Fco-Fra-Iah. ON any of those flights, he was not allowed to use his discman(portable cd player). This is a shame for the youth of the world, most of us have no interest in the music that is played on the airplane channel, nor do we want to watch movies. Most people I know, sit down with their cd player and read a book or go to sleep. What i'm getting to is, i want to ask PILOTS, do portable cd players interfere with the plane's communications capabilities? I know that radios and portable tv's do, but what about Discmans? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.(excuse any spelling, I can't speel)
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RE: Pilots! :

Wed Feb 23, 2000 11:23 pm

On most airlines portable cd-players and cd-roms of notebooks are not allowed. All cd-players work with lasers. It is not known if they interfere with the plane's computers. It's a matter of safety. I think the youth of the world can stay without their music for a few hours.
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RE: Pilots! :

Thu Feb 24, 2000 12:16 am

In Canada you can use them after takeoff and prior to landing. There was some speculation a few years ago that they could interfere with the nav and communication equip but it doesn't seem likely, so, just incase they've limited use to cruise and not during the critical phases if flight.
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RE: Pilots! :

Thu Feb 24, 2000 3:06 am

With the move towards FBW (Fly By Wire) technology, and increasing reliance upon computers to drive vital aircraft services, including the flight control surfaces (it is probable a defective flight control surface is the cause of the Alaska Airlines crash - I use this example to illustrate the importance of flight control surfaces, not that the MD80 series is FBW), the potential for radio frequency interference in modern jetliners is scary. A transient frequency penetrating a poorly shielded wire could cause disaster. It hasn't yet, and studies are hard to come by as they cost a lot of money. But much of aviation safety information has been gleaned "after the fact", i.e. during the accident investigation.

Consumer electronic products are not closely monitored for electrical shielding of their components. Together with day to day use and abuse, these products can produce radio frequencies that, in the past, used to be blamed for navigation and communication glitches (I've witnessed these phenomena first hand). Now and in the coming years, these "glitches" may be more serious in nature.

As stated, CD Discman's use lasers. Lasers produce RF (radio frequencies). These transmissions have the potential to affect vital aircraft systems.

If you NEED to listen to music during your flight, use a Walkman instead.

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