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Most Popular Special Color Scheme

Thu Feb 24, 2000 8:47 am

What is the most popular special paint scheme in the world? Based on passenger comments, frequently photographed, crews' opinions, etc?? Schemes like Wanula Dreaming, Shamu the whale, Peter Max, Millenium, Olympics, etc.

By the way, what exactly IS "wanula dreaming"?? Sorry if it sounds dumb, but I'm not Australian.

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RE: Most Popular Special Color Scheme

Thu Feb 24, 2000 8:54 am

I believe that probably the Phoenix Suns 757 for America West. That plane is photographed a lot along with the ohter special 757's in America West's fleet. The Southwest Shamu I and II are photographed a lot too. My favorite has to be the Western Pacific color scheme of the Simpsons, but too bad that one isn't around anymore.

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