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Fares And Guilt?

Thu Aug 12, 2004 9:34 am

I was recently planning a trip from ISP-LAX-ISP for myself and I found some interesting things. I looked for fares and found that DL and CO had the lowest rates and I figured to book with CO, I try to do all my flying with CO because they and their partner DL, serve more destinations with more flights from ISP then any other major. I verified the flights the next day with my party and when I went to purchase them, the fares were now almost $125 more. I figured that somebody booked the seats and I would try DL. DL had the same thing. I checked the next 3 days. On the fourth day, the fares were lower again. It's a good thing that they were lower, I was about to pay the high fare. It was ridiculous considering that the fares from JFK are $99 and $109 each way. I would of booked with UA because they have the 763s from JFK with the PTV service and EWR is too far of a drive for a 738 cross country.(I know CO has a 762 but it didn't fit into my schedule) Here's the guilt part, I was going to book with UA but I felt guilty. I know that CO and DL probably do not make too much money at ISP especially with the presence of WN. I appreciate that DL and CO continue to serve ISP(my hometown airport) with multiple flights a day to many destinations. DL even used to fly to FLL, but cut it out after 9/11 and WN. UA doesn't have a single flight to ISP. They only offer the US service which is small to say the least. NYC is not that far away but I do not like taking LCCs. They only operate the high yield markets. Majors can do favors for travelers like serve their hometown airports because of their "cash cow" high yield routes. When they don't make money on the cash cows because of LCC (and the detrimental $39* fares to FL), they stop service to places like ISP. AA has reduced service, DL has done the same to only mention 2.
Here are my questions:
Why did the fares spike unexpectedly like that for a few days?
Does anybody ever feel guilty taking a LCC or major for that matter?

*I cite this because it is detrimental to the whole market not just majors or LCCs, for aviation in general but I hope not to get into that.
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