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America West Delays

Thu Feb 24, 2000 10:24 am

I was on an America West flight last thursday, during the so called "computer failure". My flight was delayed over three hours. I felt that America West and it's employees handled the entire situation poorly and left the passengers uninformed(back to Southwest for my phx-rno flights!). Anyone else have delays last week? If so, how did the ailine handle it? Any news about an America West buyout?
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RE: America West Delays

Thu Feb 24, 2000 3:40 pm

For your info. the "so called" problem was true, because I was there when pilots were talking to dispatch in PHX. I was also in the operations dept. when the paperwork for outgoing flts. were coming through. I have worked for HP several years and all the problems all boil down to our CEO-Mr. Franke. We had a back-up system which was closed to become more cost effective. Well now look what happens, thousands of unhappy people stuck at the airport for hours on a busy holiday weekend. Not to mention us employees being linched by hundreds of crazied anry travellers. Not a nice sight, it was a huge mess. Mgmt. needs to get their act together, were slowly but surely going down.

RE: America West Delays

Thu Feb 24, 2000 3:47 pm

Well, Mr. Franke sent out a press release stating all passengers affected by the delays and cancellations would be contacted very shortly and given travel vouchers and apolojies.

It was a good move by Franke but a little too late I think.

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