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Managing ATC On Nonstop Flights To Ussr

Sun Aug 15, 2004 3:16 pm

i was reading an avaition mag today at the bookstore about a flight to SVO. Apparently, the air traffic control is quite different in russia as compared to europe and north america, causing numerous headaches for unfamilar pilots. i was wondering, back in the "old days" how interacting with ATC would work on say pan am flights to SVO from JFK? would the soviets have to send thier own navigator to instruct the pilots on routing? soviet airspace seemed quite precious at the time, i know the soviets shot down a korean airliner in 1983 over salhkin island, indicating to me a lack of communication between the airliner and the ground.

on a somewhat related topic...who flew on pan am's flight to SVO? soviet citizens arent exactly free to leave and the USSR wasnt that big of a tourist destination, i cant imagine trade to be that substantial with a noncapitalist country.

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