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Busy Night For ATC Last Night

Tue Aug 17, 2004 9:06 pm

We had some amazing thunderstorms in Leeds/Bradford last night between 4pm and 10 pm. At around 9pm I went upstairs and looked out and there was a huge storm happening over Gildersome, South Leeds, Wakefield area - what an amazing show of nature.

I know this part of the sky is on the flightpath for a/c going in to MAN so dug out the scanner and listened in for half an hour - I could see a/c lights flashing against the dark sky.

First transmission I heard was a BA flight at 17,000 feet making contact with MAN approach - requesting permission to alter route by 10 degs to avoid the storm cell, then an Alitalia asking the same, then a Chanex, then the BM flight from LHR to LBA came on requesting vectoring around the cell, followed by the police helicopter contacting LBA tower to say it was holding off returning to its base near Wakefield due to the weather.

The storm looked amazing, but caused plenty of hassle for pilots and ATC!