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Ex AirCal Fleet

Fri Feb 25, 2000 10:19 am

American inherited a fleet of 737-200's, -300's and BAe 146's when it murdered AirCal back in 1987. I also know that AA ditched the entire AirCal fleet soon after. I know that the -300's went to Southwest. Where did the -200's and 146's go?
Also, what is the disposition of the MD-80's operated by OC prior to them getting the -300's?
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RE: Ex AirCal Fleet

Fri Feb 25, 2000 10:24 am


Go to
It's a website that links you to websites of defunct carriers (including AirCal). Included on the AirCal site is a listing of the whereabout of their former aircraft.

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RE: Ex AirCal Fleet

Fri Feb 25, 2000 11:57 am

AirNikon has a listing of all ex-AirCal planes and where they are now. You can check it out at: