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Observations Of The "New Yorker"

Fri Aug 20, 2004 4:07 am

I found this article in today's issue of the New Yorker. I thought it relatively simplistic, but informative to the novice.


"We have come to expect that, in good times or bad, American will be there to pay the bills as they have been every year past, whether profitable or not. Such venerable prejudices and opinions are finally being swept away. Cue everlasting uncertainty and agitation."
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RE: Observations Of The "New Yorker"

Fri Aug 20, 2004 4:22 am

You would think for a periodical the caliber of the New Yorker their website wouldn't have so many damn pop-up ads. But I digress.

What is particularly good about this little article is that it goes into some depth about the mentality of negotiation. I haven't really seen that discussed before. It would have been nice if they went a bit deeper, but the New Yorker is a literary mag, not a business journal.
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RE: Observations Of The "New Yorker"

Fri Aug 20, 2004 4:36 am

Perhaps the article was a bit simplistic, but if you think about it, the problem is very simple. Give customers what they need and charge what the market will bear. Listening to your customers and "reading" the market is critical to offering appropriate services. With individuals and companies tightening their belts, why not offer on-time, safe and reliable service and little more? As for excess overhead due to older labor negotiations, I suppose you live with the decisions of the past. Don't make a short-term decision for a long-term problem. A bit like signing a 41-year old pitcher to a 5-year contract. If you do, live with it or don't.

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