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Who Gets To Skip Security / Passport Control?

Sat Aug 21, 2004 5:20 am


Just a thought, who is senior enough to skip security and / or passport control at an airport or generally when flying?
Presumably when George Dubyer gets into Airforce One he doesn't walk through a metal detecter and when he arrives on a state visit he doesn't get his passport checked? (does he even have one??)
Likewise I know that the Queen doesn't have a passport (as they are all issued in her name) but does she get frisked walking through security? Does Tony Blair have to have his hand luggage scanned?

Assuming they don't, what about their families, Laura Bush, Cherie Blair etc, or their chief of staffs, secretaries etc. What about the journalists travelling with them (surely after seeing the film Air Force One they should be searching journalists) or does the whole plane (assuming it is a government plane / special charter) skip security / imigrantion controls?

I doubt it happens but it would be so funny if Tony Blair or Jacque Chirac on a state visit to the US had to go through the sort of interogation we all have to now  Laugh out loud I wonder if they have special pre-clearance for VIP visits, I doubt there is a big customs post at Andrews AFB

anyone happen to know??