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AC, It's Tricks And It's Baby Airlines

Mon Aug 23, 2004 2:25 pm

So, I book a ticket today on AC from YVR to YYC and get a low Tango fare even though i am leaving just two days from now, not bad, I guess I have WestJet to thank for that, since AC would've charged me an arm, a leg and maybe a liver had it been the only one in the game... Anyways, during the process, the Seat Selection screen comes up and I thought, hey, AC is catching up to other airlines (it only recently introduced web checkin after all - which still is only available in for flights in the eastern triangle)... but BANG, I get hit with a popup that states Tango fares are subjected to an extra $10 for seat selections. Hummm, justified I say, since it is supposed to be a no-frills fare. I check seat availability, which looks good, so I will take my chances at YVR.

Anyways, now that Tango has silently transformed itself from an airline to a fare, how is Zip working for AC? With all the reports that airlines within airlines never work well (metrojet, co lite, song, tango etc.), is Zip going to become another casualty? Or does Zip simply operate regular AC flights? How independent is it, and how effective is it?
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RE: AC, It's Tricks And It's Baby Airlines

Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:11 pm

ZIP will be integrated into AC on September 8th. Now that the labor costs at the AC mainline have been reduced there is no more need for ZIP.