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Impact Of TZ's Financial Crisis On MDW?

Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:55 pm

The mainstream media has quickly pronounced TZ 's MDW hub operation dead. At the very least it seems likely it will be significantly downsized or sold in bulk to another carrier. Consequently, what will be the overall situation at MDW in August 2005?
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RE: Impact Of TZ's Financial Crisis On MDW?

Wed Aug 25, 2004 11:08 pm

It probably depends on the extent to which WN increases its operations. If B6 starts service at MDW, that also will help.
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RE: Impact Of TZ's Financial Crisis On MDW?

Thu Aug 26, 2004 1:22 am

Until the ORD expansion gets done, MDW is, I believe, a superior airport for domestic point to point flying and even a small hub, though MDW's size certainly limits the potential size of a hub. If a FL or B6 type airline took over TZ's gates on Concourse A (A6 and A8-A19), got rid of the "temporary" gates (A4A and A4B), and sold the three gates on Concourse B to WN, it would make a really nice, compact hub or focus city. I don't know who that airline would be, but I can't imagine that the gates would go unused. I know that B6 has said in the past that they would really prefer ORD, but I can't believe that an opportunity like this wouldn't get a second look. I suppose that HP could develop another small eastern hub there, but I don't think that HP is really interested in that at this point.
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