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ATA Connection / Chicago Express

Thu Aug 26, 2004 4:50 am

I am continuously reading info on ATA and there 737-800's, but what about ATA Connects Saab 340's? Will they discontinue Ops at MDW or move. ATA Connect flies into DAY and I would like to know what will happen to them.
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RE: ATA Connection / Chicago Express

Thu Aug 26, 2004 5:10 am

Not much need for the C8 operation if TZ's MDW hub dies?
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RE: ATA Connection / Chicago Express

Thu Aug 26, 2004 5:34 am

Sadly, I think you're right, Leelaw. Southwest doesn't do turboprop regional-feed operations. Was it you who pointed out in one of the other ATA threads that there's little demand for used Saabs in the US these days?

Who owns C8? The only option I can think of, is, if they could somehow run independently at a low-enough cost structure just to get people to MDW, where they could take the LCC flights of their choice. (It would help if the Saabs are paid for) It would mean a passenger buying two separate tickets, and dealing with two separate airlines, but people will go to some effort to save substantially on the fare. I've flown FL on ROC-BWI before with people were flying FL down there to pick up WN.

And before anyone jumps on any of us: No one here has said we want ATA go go under! Unfortunately, it is a possibility, and if it happens, we who are interested in the industry (and/or who work in it) like to figure out what might happen next.

Were ATA to end scheduled ops, that would be a sad loss for the C8 cities, many of whom might not have other options for LCC service within the Midwest. That part of the country still has a distorted market due to insufficient LCC presence in medium-size and medium-small markets.

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RE: ATA Connection / Chicago Express

Thu Aug 26, 2004 5:41 am

C8 is owned by ATA Holdings.....

The President of Chicago Express Airlines is on the Board of Directors at who knows what will happen. Remember Chicago Express was started as an independent airline(with junkstreams) and was purchased by ATA Holdings a few years back.

The employees have not heard anything from internal sources so I will wait and hear it from the is very concerning but thank GOD I have another very reliable job(FedEx) so if it happens it happens. It's sad because we do have a good product and very loyal flyer base. As has been stated this is all speculation so we'll have to sit back and see what 'ol Georgie has in mind.

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