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Cuban Women Ships Her Self To The US As Cargo

Thu Aug 26, 2004 10:51 am

A cuban who could have taken a smugglers boat has instead flowen to the US as Cargo in a Cargo create. She was processed a few hours after arriving by customs after arriving in a Cargo aircraft. While other illegial immigrants from other countrys would have a 'return to sender' stamp put on them, the women is allowed to stay in the country as she made it to land. She arrived on a DHL code-share flight.
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RE: Cuban Women Ships Her Self To The US As Cargo

Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:20 am

First of all, this woman somehow got to Nassau, Bahamas, probably by a smuggler by boat. Then she had futher help to get into the crate and shipped to the USA. Still, she took a terrible chance of getting killed or injured. One also has to question the people who handled this package, especially DHL and whoever handled the security checks. If someone can smuggle themselves, a human, then could a terrorist or their deadly equipment also be snuck into the USA the same way?
Cuban Nationals are a 'special case' as to entry into the USA, as we assume they are all seeking political asylum. One critical rule is that if they get 'one foot on dry land', that is not incerpted on the sea in the boat, they generally are allowed to stay. Also, the Miami area is loaded with former residents of Castro's Cuba, so politicans (especially Republicans like President GW Bush and his brother, Jeb, Governor of the State of Florida!) are under great pressure to not change this policy. No other foreign national is allowed to do this, especially Hatians, and people from the Dominican Republic.
As noted in the article, there was the stunt by the guy who shipped himself to Texas last year. There have been numerous cases of despirate people who shipped themselves to freedom by air and in other ways. There was a case in the late 1850's prior to the end of slavery in the USA's southern states, where a enslaved man shipped himself by train in a crate from Richmond, VA, to Phildelphia, PA an anti-slave state about 200 miles away, to a person who was a staunch anti-slave organization leader. It is amazing that people will do anything to escape their terrible fates.
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RE: Cuban Women Ships Her Self To The US As Cargo

Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:33 am

I'm getting cramps just thinking about being squeezed in that little box! I guess she really, really wanted to get out of Cuba. Talk about LRTC...less room throughout cargo! I wonder if she's been able to stand upright since the ordeal?

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