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YYZ Spotting Meet, Sept 4/5

Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:53 am

Ok since no one else has started this post, i will

There is a get together planned on Labor day weekend (September 4th and 5th). The plan now is for Sunday (5th) at Wendy's, but the exact time isnt yet set and obviously we'll be moving to where the action is. Hopefully the aircraft for the CNE will be coming and going between 1 and 5pm on all 3 days.

Im booked at the Quality Suites (on Carlingview) on both Saturday and Sunday nights, and i do have a couple other things i want to do, but im fairly flexible on times. Since im driving down, the morning of Saturday is out, as is anything Monday (I need to be home by mid-afternoon, that means leaving T.O. by ~10am).

So far (as far as i know anyways), only CaptainGomes (Nuno) and Cumulonimbus are confirmed to be coming besides myself for the Sunday, but obviously the more the merrier  Smile . So if you can come, post it here!
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