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High Speed Internet.........

Fri Aug 27, 2004 10:25 am

If I am flying across the Pacific late in 2005 on, for example, an ANZ refurbished -400 or one of the new -200ER's , can I expect to have high speed internet service in the economy class cabin? Will it be via some device that is part of the in-flight entertainment system or will I need to have a laptop computer.... or is it unlikely that it will be available in that class of service?
What do competitors such as QF, SQ , JAL offer?
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RE: High Speed Internet.........

Fri Aug 27, 2004 2:46 pm

Google for Boeing-Connexion. They provede the system. AFAIK only LH operates it so far, SAS and CX ordered it, not sure about a roll-out so far yet.
On LH you need your own notebook and you pay approx 10$ for 30mins, and 30$ for a one-flight-flat.
I will probably fly LH new business on a 744 in December and I will check that out!
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