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MD-80's Getting Bad Rep. From Media?

Sun Feb 27, 2000 5:28 pm

Are the md-80 getting a bad reputation from the media because of the crash of alaska airlines? It seems they report anything that is a problem for the aircraft even if it is not the stabilizers. I would be willing to bet that there are other types of aircraft that have problems everyday that we dont hear about, maybe Im wrong? Maybe they should tone it down a bit or do they have an agenda.I always thought it was a good airplane and I still think they are but Ill bet there is a lot of people now that would not fly on them after the last month of all the reports of this aircraft. I guess thats just my thoughts. Thanks.

RE: MD-80's Getting Bad Rep. From Media?

Mon Feb 28, 2000 5:20 am

the media lives and breaths the frenzy of death and sensationalism.

we have seen reported cases after the alaska incident of AA problems on MD-80's and if it were not for the AS incident, we would never of heard about it.... especially on CNN.

you are right, they do over punctuate the problem by being a pack of wolves that cannot do anything wrong in their eyes and feed us information beyond what really should be relevent.

it will go away eventually.

RE: MD-80's Getting Bad Rep. From Media?

Mon Feb 28, 2000 8:20 am

hmmmmm, lets see, there have been forty million emergency landings with MD-80/90 aircraft since the AS incident....I think that speaks for itself. And yes an emergency landing does make the local news.

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