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Coffee, Tea Or Job?

Sat Sep 04, 2004 12:45 am

Great item in todays New York Times


Coffee, Tea or Job? For Airline Workers, an Uncertain Future

Published: September 3, 2004

For decades, an airline job was a coveted plum. Good pay, generous benefits, strong unions and the glamour of air travel made pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and even baggage handlers the envy of their neighbors.

Now there are two airline industries, one that created those attractive jobs but can no longer afford them, and another that is thriving in large part because it has avoided creating them. Struggling traditional airlines like United, Delta and US Airways have laid off tens of thousands of employees and told the rest that they must absorb round after round of salary and benefit cuts to keep flying. At the healthier low-fare carriers like Southwest and JetBlue, the pay is much lower and the benefits are skimpier, but a good year can yield a big bonus at the end......

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RE: Coffee, Tea Or Job?

Sat Sep 04, 2004 12:55 am

My neighbor, a twenty something kid, just took a part time job with United on the ramp at Dulles. He's already disgusted with the older union guys and a lack of work ethic by many, though he understands their bitterness given cutbacks, etc. However many of them are making big bucks with overtime. He (and I) would like to see a pay for performance plan at United, where the lowest performing 10% are weeded out each year (the General Electric model) and the rest get an annual bonus, the amount depending on your performance score. As it stands now, the lowest performing 10% get protected by the Union, and it creates a disincentive for others to do well. The model works from management on down...everyone gets rated.
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