Trip Report:Asian Aerospace 2000

Mon Feb 28, 2000 3:29 pm

All times are listed in Singapore time.

Saturday,26 Feb 2000 12:25 SGT

I arrived at the Asian Aerospace site with my dad,uncle,cousin and brother.We decided to see the static aircraft as the display was biggining soon.

13:20 SGT

Went to get seating for the airshow.There were F-16's,Dassault Rafales and AH-64 Apache copter.The show lasted until 3pm.

15:00 SGT

Went to the queue to see the large planes.We boarded the shuttle bus and there were C-130's,C-17 Globemasters and KC-135 Stratotanker.There was also a CityStar(??) Russian jetliner(not sure wether IL,TU or AN).

15:45 SGT

Went back to static display and saw Learjet 45 in SIA colors.There was also a King Air 350 and a IL114-100 but it was towed away while we were on the shuttle bus.Sad,huh?

16:15 SGT

Went inside to collect brochures and some pens.Swissair gave me 3 Parker pens while my dad went to Honeywell to see his colleagues and he got some pencils.

16:45 SGT

We left the site and went home.

P.S.I saw a Chinook passing by now by my apartment.