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Turkish Airlines (THY) Fleet Plan?

Sat Sep 11, 2004 1:24 am

With their large order for A320 (19) and A321 (12) aircraft beginning to arrive, has THY Turkish Airlines announced which type(s) and how many will leave their fleet?

It would seem that their 737-400s (14) would be first to go, since these are not only the oldest narrowbody type in their fleet, but also the most direct counterpart of the A320 in terms of pax capacity. The A321s seem to be a logical replacement for THY's remaining A310s on their Europe and Middle East network. And unless THY is planning to expand their fleet and overall capacity, some of their 737-800s may also be retired from THY service.

My conjectures aside, has anyone heard official word from THY concerning their fleet renewal plan as their A320/321/330 orders are delivered?
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RE: Turkish Airlines (THY) Fleet Plan?

Sat Sep 11, 2004 3:37 am

Officialy the small RJ-70, 737-500 and A310 fleets will all go.

Leases on the 737-400 fleet were recently extended for a few more years.

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RE: Turkish Airlines (THY) Fleet Plan?

Sat Sep 11, 2004 3:51 am

hey there, as far as i know from the board of executives i talked to. The 737-400s are phasing out slowly, the A310 wil be around for summer loads to Germany and Italy until the full 51 orders are almost complete. The Rj70 and 100 will be phased out too, and maybe in the coming years they will look at the A318/737-600 for domestic routes. The A330 will serve NYC during some winter flights and mainly for farther middle east and new Canada market that is soon to open. The A330 is 20% cheaper to operate to NYC than the A340, Turkish is also trying to arrnge flights to the US capital, lots and lots of Turks go to college in the states lately, imcluding myself a grad from ERAU  Smile
im trying hard to get a flight slot with Turkish and it looks good so far, not much left!

hope this helps. Oh yeah they want to make all the 737s -800 models  Smile

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