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Larnaca Airport Question

Sun Sep 12, 2004 10:31 am

Can you actually walk from the airport to the beach at Larnaca? Pls fill me in on this. It seems as if you're landing on the beach on approaching LCA.

Very similar to Lanzarote airport I guess.

Thx  Wink/being sarcastic
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RE: Larnaca Airport Question

Sun Sep 12, 2004 12:27 pm

hello ek skies,

for this question i would have to say that you can probably walk to the shoreline and certainly you should be able to make it to mackenzie beach.

i don't think you can walk to the center of town though, that is something like 5 km. I mean for sure it is possible to eventually walk it but the airport is not close to the center of town.

i mean i suppose it is possible also for you to walk to the pacific shoreline from kansas city airport, but you get what i mean.

if you are looking for spotting activity definitely mackenzie beach is the place for you. at least for incoming traffic. most takeoffs take place in the other direction.