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My First Flight On A EMB-145!

Wed Mar 01, 2000 3:18 am

I just flew on this plane from Chicago (ORD) to Des Moines (DSM) on a BRAND NEW Embraer 145 operating as Eagle Flight 4125. I checked the tail number (N647AE) at which is updated monthly and it's not there yet! There was a total of nine passengers on a plane that holds 50, so the back of the plane was mine and I moved around frequently to get the best view and sound. The cabin is not uncomfortable like people had said, I'm 6 feet and did not need to bend over, just a little tilt to side to avoid the overhead bin. I sat on the left side of the plane where there is just one seat and it's so amazing! The takeoff roll was every bit as powerful as a Learjet, and the climb is fun as well. The blue leather seats were better than most, the cockpit was a dream with no cluttering at all, big screens and lots of room. Anyone who likes corporate jets has to do a flight on this beauty. -Ryan
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RE: My First Flight On A EMB-145!

Wed Mar 01, 2000 3:31 am

great info. on a great jet. i'm thinking about doing a flight on one out of Houston on CO airlines. i only hope they start flying them somewhere closer to California.
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RE: My First Flight On A EMB-145!

Wed Mar 01, 2000 4:17 am

you said it!!..its a beauty...i have been on AM eagle and co express and will book future flights....personal space, once seated, is better then larger jets and on CO-ex, a very nice lunch was served..I flew in the summer and the climb-out, up thru the P.M. convective build up ,was impressive..just lite chop..and it comes in for landing much like a MD80 with nose up ,as opposed to the Canadair w/nose down and that can be a bit unnerving, esp. in turbulence..glad you liked it.!!.

I am 6ft3in , by the way, and was very comfortable(again, once seated) but you avoid the cattle car mentality when feel like a VIP