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RJ Service GRR-DCA On YX

Wed Mar 01, 2000 11:17 pm

Midwest Express connection announced new service using 328 jets from GRR-DCA. They were awarded temporaray slots from the government...I see the use of RJ's in such markets as limited only by scope clauses and ATC's ability to handle the increase in such traffic..if I had some financing, i would buy some of these and run 'em all over the place.

They said they would even serve champagne and cookies on these flights..
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New Feed Philosophy

Thu Mar 02, 2000 2:03 am

If I had my way, regionals wouldn't feed one airline from many cities, they would feed many airlines from one city. Each medium-sized city would have their own regional based at their airport and fly to all the major hubs of all the major airlines with RJs. The number of hubs served would depend on what the market will bear from a financial stand-point. The bigger medium-sized cities like GRR, TOL, FWA, SBN, etc would have 1 to 4 flights each to ORD, DFW, DEN, IAD, EWR, CLE, IAH, CMH, PIT, CLT, PHL, LGA, CVG, ATL, MCO, SLC, DTW, MSP, MEM, YYX, MKE, STL, MDW, etc. Smaller cities would only have service to some of those depending on demand. The airports themselves or the local gov't would run the airline similar to mass transit. The concept would still work the same way as feeders work as far as ticketing and baggage except the first leg would be outsourced to the local airline instead of the feeder. Existing feeder structure disappears.
What do you all think?!?!?!
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