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NZ ZK-NBT Missing Some Paint

Tue Sep 21, 2004 7:36 am

Perhaps some fellow NZ employees can help me out on this one:

If I'm not mistaken ZK-NBT recently had a fresh paint job applied. It arrived here in Los Angeles this afternoon from AKL clean as a whistle (no dirt marks from the jet bridge...very clean and bright). However, the green and blue stripes that adorn the front portion of the fuselage are missing on both sides, as is the Star Alliance logo.

Are these stripes, like the Star Alliance logo, decals or are the stripes applied to the fuselage as paint? Furthermore, are these decals(?) applied at the time of having new paint applied or are they added in Auckland or what?

Thanks for some helpful answers  Smile

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RE: NZ ZK-NBT Missing Some Paint

Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:54 am

NZblue - The green and blue stripes (Pacific Wave) are indeed decals, except for the A320, which are painted. They are normally applied as part of the repaint, and the only reasons I can think they were left off are that either the decals were not available, and will be applied on the next hangar visit, or that ZK-NBT is to be the first aircraft with the themed decal applied.

I checked with planning last week, and they said that management were tossing up between ZK-NBT and another 744 planned into the hangar soon for a C check. I will keep you posted.

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