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Are BA's B737's Coming Back To LHR?

Wed Sep 22, 2004 5:40 am

Hi all!

I was just browsing through BA's Flight Time Table to MAN and I noticed that there are quite a few BA 737's appearing on the route? I though there were hardly no more British Airways B737 flights out of LHR anymore, just LGW.

However there appear to be no return B737 flights from MAN to LHR.

Does anybody know why?


BA1382 - B733 - M.T.W.T.F
BA1392 - B733 - S.S
BA1398 - B734 - M.T.W.T.F.S.S


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RE: Are BA's B737's Coming Back To LHR?

Wed Sep 22, 2004 6:31 am

Aircraft 88, I think you've managed to answer a question I asked in the post below about a lack of 737s at LGW! Basically, if you browse BA's schedules for LGW next summer every shorthaul flight is operated by an A319. Looks like the 733s and 734s are heading back to LHR as I thought they must. So, can anyone confirm if the 735s are going to MAN and BHX ro resolve the Dash 8 replacement riddle, or are they going to LHR too?
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