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Emery Crash Inside Info....

Thu Mar 02, 2000 8:43 am

The story on the Emery crash goes as follows. The plane was missloaded. The load sheet prepard by the ground crews stated the plane was in CG. The computer in the cockpit said it was incorecrtly loaded. It was checked 3 times before the captain called the office to relay this info to operations. Oprations convinced the captain somehow to take the aircraft. How this happened I have no idea. The tapes containing the conversation are mysteriuously missing.

The stab setting was 1.2 ANU according to the loading. which itself is abnormal. Usually in the 2.3-5.0 range.

On takeoff at 70 knots the nose started to lift off the ground. It was pushed back on the ground by the flight crew. Why the TO wasn't aborted at this point is not understood. Immedaite control problems arose after the plane became airborne. The crew was heard discussing the flight control issue which soon after turned to panic with the copilot handing the controls off to the captain after stating he could not control the aircraft.

The plane was trimmed full nose down and was still unable to remain airborne.

The loading paperwork which is signed by the captain but prepared by the ground crew is missing. It is required by law to be held by the loader for a period of 90 days. The plane was loaded by Miami Air Support.

I am simply passing on this information which to the best of my knowledge is true and correct.