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Latest From Brazil...

Fri Sep 24, 2004 9:53 pm

Yesterday the Brazilian CAA suspended the airworthiness certificate of six B737-200, including PP-SMA which is supposed to be on the top of the cycles statistic worldwide. Non compliance with some Boeing ADs that should have been done due the high cycles number was the reason given by the CAA. It is not clear if VASP will comply with the ADs or scrap the planes for spares. A few days ago, the employees made a 24H strike due non payment of salaries.

Is about the get delivery of its first B767-300ER (PR-BRW), which will be ferried today or tomorrow from GSO to NAT. The airline plans to use it on flights from the Northeast region to European destinations (LIS will be first)

Another two MD11s joined the fleet over the last weeks... and rumour has it that one of them (ex HB-IWQ) will be painted again with Star Alliance colours, this time using the "albino" scheme.

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RE: Latest From Brazil...

Sat Sep 25, 2004 12:41 am


I remember seeing 1 VASP 737-200 3 months ago at Rio when I was waiting my flight to Curitiba. I was surprised to see this old 73S still flying, so when I read your topic I was impressed to see that those airplanes have a big load of work in their backs!!!
When I returned to Rio 12 days latter on transit from Curitiba to Lisbon I saw taking off a VASP 727-200 Cargo and again I was surprised to see that. Now if those 6 73S are wfu what will be VASP fleet? Those guys are going to end business soon right? Unless they find ( and maybe it's not that hard ) a replacement airliner, 733's or even Fokker 100's!!!
regards and thanks for the news
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