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CO Gold Elite Upgrade

Mon Sep 27, 2004 1:18 am

I just booked a flight on continental for the first time with my gold elite access. I'm just wondering, do the upgrade usually clear 3 days before departure or is it rare that a seat will be available? Any insight would be great! thanks.

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RE: CO Gold Elite Upgrade

Mon Sep 27, 2004 1:25 am

Depends on the segment. I'm booked AUS-IAH-EWR-MHT tomorrow (Monday). Got my upgrade notice yesterday for EWR-MHT only. When talking to the F/As on the AUS-IAH segments I've flown before, they have indicated that the FC cabin is usually filled with Platinums. Fortunately, I will pass my 75Kmiles on the AUS-IAH segment in the morning, so my return on Friday will be as a Platinum, so hopefully will get those upgrade notifications sooner than later.
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RE: CO Gold Elite Upgrade

Mon Sep 27, 2004 2:47 am

It really depends on the route and the equipment. On the B/F 757s, 753s, 767s and 777s on domestic routes it can be hard. I made silver elite last year on CO and will renew that this year. On about half of my flights I can upgrade. EWR-BOS,DCA is mostly plats or full fare upfront as well as many of the texas routes. I have gotten upgraded to Florida several times, and on most of the transcons. an I usually fly over 100,000 miles a year but most of it is non-rev. Some times it seems like I get more upgrades while non-reving, because I am only silver. The upgrades on NW are also a very nice benifit that I have used a couple of times.
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RE: CO Gold Elite Upgrade

Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:24 am

Why would it be harder on domestic 767's/777's? I would think it would be eaiser having the most BizFirst seats. No?
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