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DElta Flight 510 Had A Medical Emergancy!

Fri Mar 03, 2000 1:32 pm

Than g-d for United's "From The Cockpit", lol! I was listening, half out of conciousness from my uh, sods well call them lol, and heard the following from Delta flgith 510 "Delta 510 here..uhh...we seem to have some kind of medical emergancy, and we would like to be sent directly in to Cincinati (I belive, it was actual destination, jsut wanted to be routed straigh in, no lines). Please have medical help awaiting." "Delta 510, Roger...uh...we got that. Juyst notify me if you want to divert. Contact Cincinati Aproach at ___.__. We have you a direct paht in, and medical help await. Goodday sir". Gotta love United!