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767-3P6ER Fuel Dump

Sat Mar 04, 2000 6:36 am

Does anyone know why Gulf Airs' first five (602-606) 767-3P6ERs' were built without a fuel dump system? Take a look a John K. Mortons' book "Flying Colors" on page 82 and you will see that there is no fuel dump nozzle between the outboard aileron and flap. Delta bought the next six aircraft in their fleet (607-612) because they had the dump system. I thought all -300ERs' had fuel dump. Is there some kind of weight restriction on these airplanes? I know that -200ERs' dont have it, or is it an option on these planes?
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RE: 767-3P6ER Fuel Dump

Sat Mar 04, 2000 10:57 am

I know Gulf Air's 763ER's are not the highest gross weight versions available (they have a gross take off weight of 175,500 kg compared to Delta's 181,000 kg specifications, and some airlines as high as 184,000 kg). However, many airlines who use 763's like ANA (130,952 kg), JAL (130,952 and higher) and British Airways (158,000 kg and higher) have much lower gross takeoff weights, so Gulf Air's version are some of the heavier ones, therefore it is kind of surprising they don't have a fuel dump system. Those 763ER's have some kind of performance, huh?!!

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