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Magnum P.I. Helocoptor

Sat Mar 04, 2000 9:11 am

I am just wondering if that anyone knows which type of chopper TC flies on Magnum P.I.

Thanks In Advance

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RE: Magnum P.I. Helocoptor

Sat Mar 04, 2000 9:15 am

That was a Hughes 500D Cayuse. There used to be a model of it available, moulded in metallic brown with decals and a pretty nice interior.  
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RE: Magnum P.I. Helocoptor

Sat Mar 04, 2000 9:29 am

I belive that it was an early model hughes 500 in the pilot......The ones that had the Oh-6 style tail.

During the rest of the regular run they used a D model that was with the T tail......

I hope that they used more then one during filming because I was watching one of these "real video" type shows and it showed a hughes 500 in the "Island Hoppers" crashing into a dranage ditch while hooking up to a sling load......It was in the middle of a suger cane field on Hawaii and was really impressive footage because it was mainly of them getting the pilot out of the half submerged helicopter......pretty impressive.

I saw T.C's van last time I was in Hawaii................Does that count for anything???