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BBC's "Airport" Series

Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:25 am

Is it available on video or DVD. I've searched everywhere and couldn't find anything online. Is it available for sale in the UK?
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RE: BBC's "Airport" Series

Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:44 am

Try shareaza, they used to have it and it's free!!!
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RE: BBC's "Airport" Series

Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:49 am

I've never seen it... have you tried I'm not saying they will have it, but it might be worth a look. Also, try looking on the Virgin Megastores and HMV websites - once again, not sure but they are both massive audio/video/DVD retailers and they're most likely to have it. Hope you find it, it's a good series.
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RE: BBC's "Airport" Series

Wed Oct 06, 2004 12:45 am

I have also tried to find this series on both VHS and DVD without sucess.
If you do find a source please post the location. Thanks!
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RE: BBC's "Airport" Series

Wed Oct 06, 2004 4:20 am

It's not on the BBC's own webshop, so I doubt one exists.

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