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New Seats In American A300s?

Sat Mar 04, 2000 12:47 pm

Hello all,

Just booked a flight from EWR-MIA, MIA-LIM. From Newark
I leave on a B757, and from Miami to Lima (peru), I leave
on an A300. Just wanted to know if American have removed
some of its seats in coach in those planes. Its a 5 1/2 hour
flight from MIA to LIM and the added leg room will be a nice
touch (provided that AA has removed it seats in coach). Thanks
in advance!! Also, does anyone know when/if American plans
to utilize its new B777 on its South American routes?

A300 American
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RE: New Seats In American A300s?

Sat Mar 04, 2000 1:08 pm

I do believe American is replacing all the coach seats in its fleet. I dont know of they will equip the A300 with the new seats or not.