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Malaysia Airlines Staff & Cabin/Nervous Flyers!

Wed Oct 06, 2004 2:55 am

This is my first post!

I have had a look through the fabulous photos on the site and the comments about malaysia airlines.

We are treating ourselves to a trip to KL from LHR, then onto Langkawi and Singapore. Our choice of airlines was limited due to very few seats available out for the UK at Christmas!!
We are flying with Malaysia Airlines and have read some very good reviews, the reason for my post is this!

I understand from previous forum threads that MAS are upgrading their business class section at the end of the year, does anyone know when then 747's from LHR are being re-fitted? To be honest im easy but it would be nice to know if our plane will have been re-done, we fly on the 18/12 and retunr on 4/1/05.

Also I did pay for an upgrade to Golden Club class as my partner who used to be fine flying! Has suddenly become a very bad passenger!

We had a nasty experience with EVA last year, a superbly smooth flight in Evergreen Deluxe to BKK from LHR until the last 3 hours then out of nowhere the cabin seemed to drop, bang and shudder violently for about 5 minutes!!

People fell and some obtained very minor cuts and bruises! Luckily im one of these wimps that always has my belt on when im sat down!!

Anyway enough waffle! From that day my partner has become increasing anxious to the point of being physically sick before flying!

I know this point may well have been covered but does anyone know of any courses, day trips, help groups that are run at the airport LHR? or indeed if MAS staff are good with comforting nervous flyers?

Aside from that Im looking forward to flying with MAS on the top deck for once!.

Any comments are most welcome.

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RE: Malaysia Airlines Staff & Cabin/Nervous Flyers!

Wed Oct 06, 2004 3:08 am

It is part of the training of any cabin crew with any reputable airline to know how to look after passengers who are nervous of flying. MAS is a reputable carrier, so their staff should have the necessary experience. The best thing to do is to let the cabin crew, preferably the flight director (or whatever title MAS gives the senior cabin crew member) know you are nervous of flying, and they should do all they can to comfort you during the flight.

BA does hold sessions for people nervous of flying. Not sure where to find the details but I think it should be on their web site or at least you can email customer services and they will put you in contact with the right people. Britannia also holds sessions for people nervous of flying, check out their website for details of when and where the courses are held.

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