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US Mainland To Alaska & Hawaii

Sat Mar 04, 2000 8:56 pm

Something that I have always thought about is this, and I know it must sound like a stupid question. Are flights from the US mainland to Alaska and Hawaii, and return, considered domestic or international services?

I know that in Australia flights from the mainland to Norfolk Island, a small island near Australia and New Zealand, are considered as international flights even though Australia claims territorial rights to the island.

So, do you go through customs when traveling from the US mainland to Alaska or Hawaii?

Thanks in advance.

- Macair SAAB

Norfolk Island/US Mainland

Sat Mar 04, 2000 9:45 pm

The reason with Norfolk Island being regarded as International in some respects goes back to the day when the island was settled by the Pitcairn Bounty mutineers. It is a not a territory of Australia, it is merely a 'territory under the authority of Australia' and as such is self-governing. This can be shown in the Commonwealth Games where Norfolk Island have their own national team. Also, you do not need a passport to travel to Norfolk if you are an Aussie citizen, so you could say it is international and domestic in some regards.

But concerning your post about HI/AK, as these states are integral parts of the US, they are considered as domestic flights.

You may as well say, a flight is international if you can get duty-free allowance :0) (And also pass through customs). A semi-exception I can think of is flights to Christmas and Cocos Islands, which are territories of Australia, you do not need a passport to travel too if you are an Aussie citizen, but you are still entitled to a duty free allowance.