Enquiring About Registrations

Sat Mar 04, 2000 10:25 pm

Hi. If I write to an airline, would they ba able to give me:

-A registration of a particular flight which has not yet departed

- A registration for a flight which has been completed or

- A series of registrations for say 10 flights or more which are operated daily/weekly (ie. BAXXXX- Would I be able to get hold of the aircraft which operated each service daily from the airline?)

Thanks to anyone who replies, I am sorry if this message is a little hard to understand, it is difficult to phrase correctly!

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RE: Enquiring About Registrations

Sun Mar 05, 2000 1:37 am

It has been known for an airline to provide the registration of an aircraft from a particular flight, however this certainly does not come into the scope of job requirements and they would be doing it from the goodness of their hearts! I would image that it's not the kind of service you could expect everyday.

As for giving out the registration of a particular flight before it departed, I think this would be more difficult. Many airlines are extremely reluctant to release info like this as it could pose a security threat.

There are many websites out there that list flights (In the UK at least). They may be worth a visit to find reg's. Many magazines also provide the same type of info. on the UK scene.

RE: Enquiring About Registrations

Sun Mar 05, 2000 1:58 am

Airlines would probably not be able to offer registrations for flights not yet flown since aircraft changes at short notice are quite common. For flights flown, i would say they would be able to offer this. Before i became interested in aviation i had flown on a BMA DC9, then when i became interested in aviation i wrote to BMA (Over a year later) to ask for the reg'n, which they happily gave to me - so i suppose this shouldn't be too difficult for the airline to look up (since they have to keep a log anyway).
Another option is to write to the airport/ATC in question, this is often simpler, their logs seem to be easier to look up. Even on the net, some airports have their own web pages.
As for multiple flights - for the same reason as Q1, i don't know if an airline could give you this information unless it was a particular aircraft which was unique to a certain flight every time. I'm not sure too many airlines operate like this.

Anyway, Good Luck !

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RE: Enquiring About Registrations

Sun Mar 05, 2000 4:21 am

When I first started flying, I didn't keep track of the registrations, because I never thought I'd fly much. When I became more interested in aviation and started flying a lot, I started keeping complete records of each flight. I still had the tickets for my first flights, and I wanted the registrations. So on September 20, 1978, I wrote to Eastern and asked them if they could tell me the tail numbers of my first four Eastern flights if I gave them the dates, flight numbers, origin-destination, and aircraft types. They were from 1966 and 1967. Here is the letter they wrote back to me:

October 4, 1978

Dear Mr. Bradley:

I am attaching your letter to us of September 20 with the tail numbers written in beside the list of flights you asked information on. Sorry we could not find the number of that 5/23/66 flight aircraft, but three out of four hits isn't bad when we're going back into records better than 10 years old.

Thanks for writing us, and we hope to see you making more logbook entries on Eastern in the future.

James R. Ashlock
News Bureau

So it never hurts to try.

Bob Bradley
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