Continental Negotiates For More UK Flights

Sun Mar 05, 2000 1:17 am

Reported in the UK this week that Continental has been negotiating with several UK regional airports over starting direct flights to Newark. USA flights to UK airports outside London are unaffected by the Bermuda 2 bilateral, and so will be unaffected by the current wranglings.

Continental has been in talks with Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds/Bradford, London-Standsted and Newcastle about Newark flights, presumably to be operated by 757s. All these airports have Atlantic ambition for scheduled flights, currently all have charters to Florida and/or Canada. All Continental's current UK routes do well and it will be good to see Continental serve a few more airports, obviously they're not going to fly to all the places listed above!

Another andvance prospect, and this is only a rumour, is that Continental's MAN-EWR route, currently a successful daily 777 flight will become a twice-daily 767 flight in 2001 - don't know whether they'll use the 767-200 or 767-400 on that if it happens.

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RE: Continental Negotiates For More UK Flights

Wed Oct 18, 2000 5:55 pm

I would expect Newcastle and Cardiff to have CO operations soon. LBA is too close to MAN and i dont think there is enough potential for Newark from Bristol just now.
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RE: Continental Negotiates For More UK Flights

Wed Oct 18, 2000 7:59 pm

CO already has approval for New York to Belfast. Its good to see that they're building up their market in underserved cities(i.e. Stansted, Tel Aviv, Manchester, and all those other ciites you mentioned) before they take on the ciites that are heavily fortified with carriers like DL.
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RE: Continental Negotiates For More UK Flights

Thu Oct 19, 2000 3:57 am

Re MAN-EWR, cargo loads will play a very important part in this decision. If the 767-400s can uplift enough cargo on the first service of the day as the B777 does, to provide a same day delivery (basically next day from leaving the UK exporter) to the importer in the New York area, then I would expect a 2 x 767 service upgraded to 1 x777, 1 x767 in the peak months.

Another factor in this is that Delta is, at least temporarily, going to serve MAN - JFK over Paris using an Air France A320 to connect at De Gaulle. How long this will last will depend on aircraft deliveries to Delta.