Hats Off To Pilots!

Sun Mar 05, 2000 2:39 am

To all the commercial pilots out there I have to say that I salute you all. I have Fight Sim and have been trying to land a 727 and 737 and I am amazed how much you have to know and do while completing this task...............I admire all of you. I have a different insite now, let me tell you!

RE: Hats Off To Pilots!

Sun Mar 05, 2000 2:48 am

Let me tell you flying the real thing is much harder then the sim.

RE: Hats Off To Pilots!

Sun Mar 05, 2000 3:16 am

It's like anything in life...the more you practice, the easier it gets.

I can fly the real thing, but those computer flight sims are just games compared to the real airplane, trust me! The flt sims also seem alittle too squirrely for my taste. It's amazing how much info you get from the seat of your pants in the real airplane that a desktop computer just can't duplicate.

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RE: Hats Off To Pilots!

Sun Mar 05, 2000 12:30 pm

I second what HeavyJet said. I have flown flightsim for years and it took me a long time to get the hang of things, and the fact that very small adjustments had to be made to everything. In flightsim though, you can throw the aircraft around. In real life you can't really do that (although the 747 is surprisingly manouvreable!).

Flightsims don't provide any real feedback and therefore makes things difficult. Airliners tend to be very stable compared to some of the twitchy flightsim aircraft I've tried. I always used to get bored in flightsim and come in straight at the airport 90 degrees to runway heading less than a mile from runway end. After a while I decided 'boy this is hard'. In the real thing, obviously you're not making any radical manouvres like this.

With practise comes precision and finess, be it in an airliner or flightsim.