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United Route Authorities From MIA

Sat Oct 09, 2004 5:12 am

I was wondering if anybody is aware of what UA will do with their now dormant route authorities from Miami to South America. Inspite of UAs failure on the routes (thanks to limited domestic feed, poor marketing and other issues) those are still super lucrative routes that i'm sure the legacy carriers that are looking south would like to fetch up. US Airways decision to place a focus city in FLL for Latin traffic once again from my vantage point indicated the lucrative nature of South Florida-Latin America traffic and once again leads me to wonder why UA didn't really try and make it work. I know at one time UA had applied for route authority from Orlando to Latin America (prior to Pan Am going under in1991, as part of United's one or two year hub effort in Orlando) Does anybody know what happened to these applications? Thanks!