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T1/T2 International Arrivals At LHR

Sat Oct 09, 2004 7:20 am

Arriving at LHR the other day, I was somewhat surprised to see that T1 and T2 share an arrivals corridor for a short distance (we arrived at gate 139). All along the length were signs indicating that you should know which terminal to arrive at - presumably so you go into the correct arrivals hall for your baggage! The corridor eventually split, one way to T1, the other to T2.

This seems potentially confusing to me. There was no mention on the aircraft of this, that we should follow the signs to T1 (which *I* knew, but maybe some didn't...?). Anybody else got concerns about this?

I guess BKK has a similar kind of problem, since both terminals are actually one terminal airside. Any others like this?

Geoff M.
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RE: T1/T2 International Arrivals At LHR

Sat Oct 09, 2004 7:34 am

Yes Geoff, I totally agree, for those of us 'in the know' it's OK (in fact many a time when I've come off a flight I've nearly missed it) but everyday there are many pax who end-up in the wrong terminal. It's surprisingly few actually, but still enough to make it yet another negative point for LHR and yet more proof that LHR is an overcrowded and innefficient place and that the BAA really doesn't care too much for the wellbeing of it's customer Airlines & Passengers. Personally I find the signage far from obvious .... it's more like you would have to be knowingly looking for it in order to see it. But hey, why spend money on clear signage when you can spend it on shelves of arrivals duty-free? After all, it's not like people come to LHR for anything other than shopping I guess. I agree that the airlines themselves could do a little bit more to highlight the difficulty, and on some (rare) occassions I have known annoucements to be made on board ... but they have been few and far betwen, and not really made with any particular emphasis.

happy arrivals!