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Delays At LHR Today

Sat Oct 09, 2004 7:55 am

Hi all, just got back from a LHR trip from MAN on the BD594 flight which was due to board at 2005, instead was delayed by 1hr 30 minutes due to a unkown reason.
Whilst getting into T1 the security line was pretty busy, a qeue all the way round the terminal and had to wait 20 minutes before getting to Security prior to getting to the gate.
Im just wondering wether anyone knows why the flight was delayed, not only my flight, but also a few other BA and BMI flights were delayed too.
Only had 1hr at LHR today by the way (I had a hospital check-up..everythings ok im happy to say.)
But I just been told ill be spending the day on October 31st down there, so you might see me.
Its not the fall that kills u, its the sudden stop at the end..