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British Airways Franchises

Sun Oct 10, 2004 6:34 am

I understand that there are a number of airlines that fly in full BA colours and flight numbers etc such as Comair in South Africa, Regional Air in Kenya and a few within the UK that include British Mediterranean. While a number of them are based in 'hubs' outside the UK, what is the reason why British Mediterranean is used to fly to locations that could well be served by BA mainline? BMed flies to ADD, KRT, ALY, DAM, AMM, THR, TJM, EVN, BEY etc. What's so special about these locations that BA does not send its own aircraft? Also seeing that BMed flies to Arab countries around Israel, is it more of a political move?
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RE: British Airways Franchises

Sun Oct 10, 2004 7:55 am

The largest aircraft BMed use is the A321, along with the A320. This enables BMed to serve destinations that BA wouldn't be able to with its longhaul fleet, the smallest of which is the 767-300. Even where BA could justify a 767-300, by using an A321/A320 BMed can offer frequency whereas BA might only operate one or two flights a week. Add to the fact that BMed has a lower operating cost base and the reason for the relationship becomes clearer. BMed can serve destinations BA would struggle to serve, or not bother with. Likewise, GB Airways performs a similar function with the Mediterranean holiday routes, again having a lower cost base than BA mainline.
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RE: British Airways Franchises

Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:22 am

The BMed links are something of an open marriage after a bitter short battle (engagement) when both operated to Beirut Damascus and Amman in their own right.
BA proper eventually ceded these to the up start as they could not compete with B767 verses A320 and were loosing money.
The two agreed some sort of settlement leading to the franchise where BA would retain a presence though the services would be operated by BMed in BA colours.
The services are still however marketed by BMed !
Of all the other routes operated by BMed only Tehran has since been transfered from BA.
All the rest are solely BMed enterprises although do carry BA flight numbers and colours.
In addition to the Comair and Regional Air of Kenya there is also Sun Air of Denmark operating ATP/Jetstream services from Billund to various points in Scandinavia Northern Europe Manchester/Edinburgh and Dublin with BA flight numbers and colours.
There has also been a few failures of the franchise that BA would like to sweep under the carpet in Italy , Netherlands (Basline), France(TAT/Air Liberté) and Germany(DBa -sold!)
From the UK their is also GB Airways of course utilizing A320/A321 and B737s from Gatwick and Heathrow and soon Manchester on a variety of Leisure routes plus the Gibraltar life-line and Morocco and Tunisia.
Additionally in Scotland the on/off Loganair services, they just can't make their mind up if the franchise really suits them !
Brymon/CityExpress/Manx are now BA Regional and wholly own subsidiary of BA themselves so really aren't franchise operators any more.
That i think covers it.
Beyond this their are the Oneworld companies but thats a separate debate
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RE: British Airways Franchises

Sun Oct 10, 2004 7:52 pm

BMED do all their own marketing and sales.

Each area they serve,ie Gulf/Arabia,Africa,Former Russian states etc has it's own dedicated sales and marketing team to help grow the business. Whilst you can book flight operated by BMED on the BA website,BA do not actively market their franchise destinations,that is down to the franchise.
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RE: British Airways Franchises

Mon Oct 11, 2004 4:15 am

From the UK their is also GB Airways of course utilizing A320/A321 and B737s from Gatwick and Heathrow

The GB Airways fleet is totally Airbus A320/A321. They disposed of their last 737 about 2 years ago.

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RE: British Airways Franchises

Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:07 am

Actually, both Baku and Almaty are also former BA destinations, the former being served by the 767 and DC-10, the latter with the 767 and 777. BA also operated to Khartoum up until the early 1990s, though it is BMed that has relaunched this route itself in recent years.

Only the flights between the Orkney islands have been removed from those Loganair operate in BA colours. LC has increased its operations in recent years so that it now flys 9 Saab 340s, 2 DH6 Twin Otters and three BAe ATPs in BA colours.

Also, BA CitiExpress is made up of Brymon, British Regional Airlines, Manx AND British Airways Regional. As it is planned the carrier is to be an entirely jet operater from March 2005, though what, if anything, is replacing the 10 Dash 8s has yet to be announced.

Overall, the three UK based franchises have settled down to providing a core set of services, each covering distinct markets. Likewise, Comair and Regional Air can be said to provide links from two of BA's key African destinations, namely JNB and NBO.

The only remaining oddball franchise as it were is Sun-Air, which would in some senses fit better as an AY partner given that the connections to the BA network are minimal.
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