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RE:AOM French......

Fri Nov 06, 1998 2:32 am

Dear all:
Just like to clear a few things up concerning AOM's routes.I know nothing about their LAX route, but, as concerns their Sydney route:the DC-10 makes an en route stop at Colombo's Banderanike international (Sri Lanka-CMB).Also, the plane's final destination is not Sydney, but New Caledonia.
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RE: RE:AOM French......

Fri Nov 06, 1998 2:40 am

AOM French Airlines is flying the route ORY-CMB-SYD-NOU with the DC-10-30, twice weekly. Check the flight. I think it's IW923 and IW924.
Such a long flight!
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RE: RE:AOM French......

Fri Nov 06, 1998 6:08 am

The AOM French Airlines long-haul network includes :
- Paris (ORY) / Los Angeles (LAX) / Papeete-Tahiti (PPT).
The Paris-Los Angeles route is a non-stop flight.
There are 3 weekly flights : IW901 (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday).
Return flights : IW902 (Wednesday, Saturday, Monday).

Paris-Los Angeles : 11h40 flying time.
Los Angeles-Papeete : 08h10 flying time.
Papeete-Los Angeles : 07h55 flying time.
Los Angeles-Paris : 10h40 flying time.

- Paris (ORY) / Colombo (CMB) / Sydney (SYD) / Noumea (NOU).
There are 2 weekly flights : IW923 (Wednesday, Sunday).
Return flights : IW924 (Friday, Tuesday).

Paris-Colombo : 09h55
Colombo-Sydney : 10h05
Sydney-Noumea : 02h40
Noumea-Sydney : 02h55
Sydney-Colombo : 10h40
Colombo-Paris : 11h00.

- The AOM French Airlines consists in :
+ 13 McDonnell Douglas DC.10-30 (range : 9950 km).
+ 11 McDonnell Douglas MD.83 (range : 4600 km).
+ 3 Boeing B.737-500 (range : 5400 km).
+ From the beginning of 1999, AOM French Airlines will receive
some Airbus A.340-200, as a replacement for the DC.10-30.

Thank you for your interest in AOM French Airlines.

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Fri Nov 06, 1998 3:43 pm

I personally feel that AOM is always having a problem in flight. I remember that twice when it was coming iin to Sydney from Paris i believe that they needed an ambulance on both occassions. Something not a usual occurnance you would like!