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Anyone Flown On A 747SP?

Mon Mar 06, 2000 8:55 pm

I was just curious how many of you have had a chance to fly the 747SP ? I was lucky to fly a Qantas 747SP from Sydney to Brisbane in 1994. I traveled in coach on the upper deck and loved every minute of it. What are your experiences ?
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RE: Anyone Flown On A 747SP?

Mon Mar 06, 2000 11:25 pm


I traveled on the SP of Syrian Air (RB) in February 1995 on the following route:

DAM-BOM wiht a stopover in AUH and back after a week, BOM-SHJ-DAM.

I went in First class (wait a minute i didn't pay for it, it was a free ticket! O.K)
the first class of RB is like a circus. The seats are good though. It was on the upperdeck which is similar to the 747-100/200. They had a spiral staircase.

This fligh was one of my worst due to the delay of 18 hours out of DAM. By the time i arrived in BOM it was late evening and my connex to BLR has long gone so i stayed overnight and continued next morning.

Flightwise it was interesting, The SP is damn speedy (but not economically at all!) and at light weights while take off you can really feel that it is way over powered! it reminded me of the take off of the DC10-30 at low Take off weights.
On approach in DAM (light weight) the captain took a really sharp decend path, the SP is damn good in manouver for a bird of it's size!
Otherwise it a short 747-200, nothing more nothing less. RB still flies this caotic route. They depend mostly on traffic from LON. They usually sell the LON-BOM route for as low as 275 Pounds!!!! They have only one weekly frequency to DEL and BOM.

I was very happy though to be able to fly the SP, mybe it was my last SP flight ever.

best regards

P.s if you are intrested try Iran Air or more easily SAA they still deploy it on some european routes on irregular basis
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Yes, On UA

Tue Mar 07, 2000 12:22 pm

I've flown an SP on UA from SFO-SEL in 1991. It seemed just like any other UA 747-100/200 I've been on (in the inside).
no wire hangers!
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RE: Anyone Flown On A 747SP?

Tue Mar 07, 2000 12:46 pm

Pan Am ferry flight LAX-SFO way back when (I must be getting old). Lot's of laughs whenever my dad (the pilot) tells the story of how ATC couldn't find us because we were climbing too fast. Standing start to 39,000 feet in just over 9 minutes --at reduced power to boot!
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RE: Anyone Flown On A 747SP?

Tue Mar 07, 2000 7:02 pm

I flew my first flight on United Airlines on N144UA on 16 Oct 92 from LHR to LAX. A very nice flight and quick. The777Man
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