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Will JFK - Lead The Way?

Tue Mar 07, 2000 11:04 pm

Have recently read an article in ATW about the master plan for JFK (especially the new AA terminal!), will this in your opinion make JFK America's premier airline/airport hub once again? I know ORD & ATL battle it out for the worlds busiest, but......apparently the port authority is spending a lot of time & money laying the foundations (along with the airlines & others) to make JFK great again. Is this all in vein, as it has heavy traffic problems & of course is hampered by those winter storms!

what do you think of JFK & it's future & what is your favourite major airport?

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RE: Will JFK - Lead The Way?

Tue Mar 07, 2000 11:48 pm

JFK cannot compete geographically w/ATL,ORD.. to offer the constant all-day-long domestic connections criss-crossing the country, the way the others do, and those flight patterns are what make those two airport so busy..INternationally, there will always be activity in JFK..and JEt Blue and AA will defintely increase traffic, but will not be the busiest by any stretch..I like LAX because of great viewing, and variety of a/c types
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RE: Will JFK - Lead The Way?

Wed Mar 08, 2000 7:09 am

EWR has seen tremendous growth and expansion in recent years while JFK has been slowly loosing out. NYC is doing better than ever and now that the explosion in EWR's expansion has basicly leveled off I think we will see a new focus on JFK. At this point JFK can only grow.
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RE: Will JFK - Lead The Way?

Sat Mar 11, 2000 3:35 pm

JFK's Airtrain monerail will start service in 2001 along with a much bigger international terminal big enoughtfor over 50 airlines with a parking garage and more retail space. AA terminal is probably will be completed in 2002.
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RE: Will JFK - Lead The Way?

Sun Mar 12, 2000 12:23 am

i think JFK will climb- but it wont become one of the premier airports because it is not the only one expanding i mean the is ATL, ORD and a lot of other airports so i cannot really say that jfk will be a premier airport
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