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ATA May File For Chapter 11 Today

Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:31 pm

Just read an article from USA Today that ATA may file for bankruptcy protection as early as today.


Good luck to ATA and their employees.

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RE: ATA May File For Chapter 11 Today

Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:44 pm

Living in Indianapolis i could say that ATA's demise would be a sad day here; The thing that scares me is that if ATA was to be "picked apart" that AirTran or America west would not keep the IND routes. Although, maybe NW would be willing to pick up some of the ATA traffic; how nice it would be to see a NW plane at PIE!!  Big thumbs up
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RE: ATA May File For Chapter 11 Today

Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:52 pm

I'm thinking of grabbing some AirTran stock (AAI) in anticipation of them grabbing the MDW gates. That would be a fantastic boon for them.
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RE: ATA May File For Chapter 11 Today

Tue Oct 26, 2004 1:15 am

Looks like we are beggining to see the consolidation of Airlines which was anticipated by airlines goers. Never did we think it would start in the LCC section but look its happening slowly but surely. I wish nothing but the best for ATA and thier employees. The people in IND and MDW looks like they are going to loose an airline. Good luck with Americawest and Airtran trying to take over assetts. I really think HP would be better of with ATA's assetts, but hey FL is aggresive I bet they can cause some damage also watch out for them too. Who ever aquires more assetts cpunt me in for some stock.

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