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Wed Mar 08, 2000 7:23 am

Awhile back there was a discussion about UAL's service between JFK and SFO/LAX. I'm going to be flying Delta's 763 nonstops on these routes and was wondering if anyone has experianced their service. How is it? The routes from NYC(JFK/EWR) to LAX/SFO are dominated by UAL, AA, and CO, and also flown several times daily by DL and TWA-------i know that i'm not counting Tower. If anyone has any service comparisons between the airlines that would be interesing too even though I'll be on DL.
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Wed Mar 08, 2000 8:07 am

You will most likely be on a new 767-300ER, configured for international routes out of JFK. This includes the new Business Elite setup in the front of the aircraft as well as the 777-like coach seats. There are 48 Business Class seats (2-2-2) and 143 Coach Seats (2-3-2). The service in Business Elite is good on long flights, which I believe LAX-JFK is around 5 hours. Delta has introduced a new menu in both Coach and BizElite and the food is very good on most flights, but sometimes you get something that isn't so good.
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Wed Mar 08, 2000 8:11 am

There is a good chance you might be upgraded to the 777-200 on these routes as well. Delta has been switching a lot of flights out of JFK to the 777 since there is a shortage of 767-300s.
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Wed Mar 08, 2000 8:32 am

The flights out of LAX are operated with the European 767-300ER (except the red-eye, which is a 757 --- avoid this flight). The European 767's are great and the service is excellent in Business Elite. The coach seats are 2-3-2 and the service is what you would get on any coach flight operated by UA,AA,DL, etc.. nothing exceptional.

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